Apple users are excited as iOS 18, slated for announcement at WWDC 2024, is expected to introduce ground breaking generative AI features for the iPhone. CEO Tim Cook’s recent teasers have hinted at a significant leap forward in Apple’s technological capabilities.

Apple is diving into generative AI with iOS 18, catching up with rivals like Microsoft, ChatGPT, and Google. The upcoming release showcases features like MGIE for text-based photo editing and Keyframer for animating images, signalling Apple’s push into the forefront of AI innovation.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is bringing generative AI features to Xcode, aiming to assist developers in writing and testing code more efficiently. This move suggests a commitment to enhancing the overall development experience within the Apple ecosystem.

Reports also suggest that Apple is exploring ways to integrate generative AI into Siri, envisioning users instructing their iPhones to open specific apps for designated purposes. This move aligns with the broader industry trend of incorporating natural language interaction into virtual assistants, making them more responsive and user-friendly.

I believe this integration of generative AI into iOS 18 is going to redefine user experiences and set new standards for the industry. We will know more after official unveiling of iOS 18 at WWDC 2024.

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